Chilton Services: Your Reliable Shipping Partner

It's expensive to travel with extra luggage by air from US to Kenya. A 50-pound extra luggage will cost you more than $200! Now you don't have to worry about that. Chilton Services will ship your luggage, clear it through customs, and deliver it to its final destination for much less!

We ship all sorts of stuff. Just contact us for a free estimate. Pick-up is available from most US States.

Reliable and Affordable Shipping Service:

Chilton Services provides a very reliable and affordable shipping service from almost all US states to Kenya. 

We ship everything legal from personal effects (clothes, appliances, furniture, etc.), to commercial goods. We ship small and heavy equipment. We ship less than container loads (LCL) as well as full container loads (FCL). We ship items as small as 4.5 cubic feet (18"x18"x24"). For efficient and safe handling reasons, 4.5 cubic feet is the smallest size we accept.

For a single affordable charge we pick-up your items from your door-step, ship them to Kenya, do customs clearance, and deliver them to their ultimate destinations. Currently we ship to Mombasa, Nairobi, Malindi, Kwale, Nakuru, and Kisumu. For other destinations in Kenya consignees can pick up their items from any of our offices in Kenya.

Here are some of the strong reasons for you to choose Chilton Services for your next shipment to Kenya:

  • Free Pick-up From Your Home/Office (Dallas & Houston)! Affordable Pick-up Charges from Other States or more than 30 Miles from our Warehouses.

  • No Documentation Fees!

  • Free Customs Clearance for Personal Effects!

  • Simple, Fixed, One-Time Charge with No Gimmicks!

  • Friendly Service!

  • Extremely Reliable!